Brandon Man Receiving Medical Massage Treatment at Riverview Chiropractor Office

Medical Massage Treatment

Brandon Chiropractor Performing Medical Massage Therapy on Riverview Gentleman

Medical Massage Therapy

The term is self-descriptive as medical massage is therapeutic massage under the supervision of a physician. At Absolute Wellness Centers, we maximize the healing of patients through massage under direct staff physician supervision. The doctor when designing your treatment regimen will write the massage prescription that best improves your results and helps diminish your pain and disability.

Each patient receives a specific treatment plan including goals, which will be the focus of your visit with our licensed massage therapists.  Each of our therapists are trained in treating injuries to the spine and extremities. Some of our common goals with patients are related to improving functional limitations, increasing flexibility, and expanding your range of motion.

Whether you were injured during an auto accident, playing a sport, or a work-related incident, we are here to help alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Treatment of Sprains and Strains

Upon examination of your injury or painful condition the doctor will have a better understanding of which tissues were injured or involved. Following a trauma, soft tissues are usually stretched or torn which can lead to swelling, ecchymosis (bruising), and/or redness from inflammation and pain.  This can lead to the development of adhesions and scar tissue.

Following this process there is likely the infiltration of tiny nerve fibers making the area more sensitive to the touch. Light force techniques are the usual early prescription for this kind of symptomatic presentation. Once there has been progress made and some of the adhesions have been preliminarily softened, they will be less sensitive to a deeper approach based solely on the patient tolerance. Too much, too soon may leave the patient sore for a few days.

Implementation of stretching and flexibility exercises will help you restore function. In severe cases, this process can take months to restore soft tissues to a pain free flexible state.

Brandon Lady Receiving Medical Massage Treatment at Riverview Chiropractor Office
Riverview Chiropractor Performing Medical Massage Therapy on Brandon Gentleman


Following the therapeutic massage session most of our patients feel almost immediate relief. We always strive to educate the patient that they may be sore following treatment and that they should drink plenty of water afterwards. The healing of soft tissues takes time and effort from both the therapists and the patient being compliant continuing the prescribed home therapy/ exercises necessary for total healing of the tissues. It’s all worth it though, because the increase in mobility and less pain will allow for a better lifestyle going forward after treatment.

Patient Feedback:

Diana Merritt

"I moved to Riverview 3 years ago and had not found a reliable chiropractor. After trying 4 different doctors I found Dr O'hara right around the corner. I was having daily headaches and neck pain and after 2 treatments I have been pain free for almost 3 weeks now. I will continue to support and refer Dr O'hara as well as his wonderful massage therapists and I am so happy to have found them!"

3 Easy Steps For Medical Massage Treatment

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2. Get Adjusted

Based on your circumstances, a specific treatment plan will be implemented to correct your spine.

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