Chiropractic Personal Injury Services

Auto Injury

Learn what happens to your body during an auto accident as well as treatment options.

Sports Injury

Read how chiropractic care can help correct biomechanical issues and get you out of pain.

Work Injury

Musculoskeletal injuries are by far the most common work-related injuries, mostly backs.

At Absolute Wellness Centers, we provide the chiropractic personal injury services that are listed above.

To learn more about a particular subset (including what may have caused the injury and what potential treatment options may be available), please click on the respective link to view the information on that Page.

If you have questions that are not covered on the Service Page you are interested in, please see if it is answered on the Frequently Asked Questions Page. If your personal injury services  question is not answered there, then feel free to ask your treating physician during your scheduled appointment. Or if the question is of general nature, please call one of the offices at your convenience.

We look forward to serving you and helping you forward on your path to wellness!