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Is Pregnancy Causing Strain on Your Back, Muscles, & Joints?

Pregnancy often comes with negative symptoms throughout all three trimesters. However, especially during the later trimesters, women may experience joint, muscle, back, or pelvis pain. According to several studies, approximately 50 to 80% of women experience back pain alone. This statistic is likely due to the additional fetus weight they carry for nine months and the uterus’s expansion.

If you’re pregnant and suffering from continuous back, joint, muscle, or pelvis pain, you might think to seek answers from your OB-GYN. However, conventional doctors may prescribe a medication that could put your baby at risk. If only there was a way to find relief without taking unnecessary pills or medications. Thankfully, there is!

Seek Care From a Pregnancy Chiropractor

Pregnancy can be tiresome and grueling. However, it may bring about the happiest moment of your life. Patients who experience back pain, sore muscles, or lack energy due to pregnancy symptoms may no longer be able to perform simple tasks such as exercising, walking, or lifting objects. These are all essential, and being incapable of them could downgrade your quality of life. If you can relate to this situation, it’s recommended for women to seek care from a pregnancy chiropractor.

A pregnancy (or prenatal) chiropractor has been specially trained to service pregnant women. They specialize in exercises, massages, alignment adjustments, decompressions, and other procedures to alleviate pain. Additionally, prenatal chiropractic care can reduce negative symptoms such as nausea, reduce the length of time you’re in labor, and assist in repositioning the baby.

If you’re seeking a pregnancy chiropractor local to the Tampa Bay area, there is one in both Brandon and Riverview.

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Absolute Wellness Center Has Pregnancy Chiropractors in Brandon & Riverview

If you’re pregnant and wish to improve your well-being without prescription pills or over-the-counter medications, Absolute Wellness Center has a team of licensed pregnancy chiropractors in offices located in Brandon and Riverview.

Before you undergo any treatments, our team will analyze your health history, medications, and symptoms to determine the best chiropractic method.

Our team is experienced in gently handling procedures to ensure your baby remains healthy and safe. Furthermore, pregnant women who have scheduled an appointment with our team have reported positive results and returned to incredible health after following their regimens.

Promote a Pain-Free & Healthy Pregnancy

Patients throughout Tampa Bay who have scheduled prenatal appointments with our team have reported improvement in their well-being during their pregnancy. With regular alignment, decompression, massages, or other chiropractic procedures, you can have a smoother pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

At Absolute Wellness Center, we strive for all patients to feel heard and comfortable throughout their health progress. By seeing one of our pregnancy chiropractors in Brandon or Riverview, you may reduce negative pregnancy symptoms while finding a sense of normalcy before and after the birth of your bundle of joy.

If you’re pregnant and require a pregnancy chiropractor local to Brandon or Riverview, contact our team at either office to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed prenatal chiropractors today!

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Patient Feedback:

Rebekah Bain

"Always a great experience. The ladies at the front desk always remember my name even though I don't visit often and I am always a walk-in. Dr. Kevan has helped me through pregnancy and after. I have never felt better. It is clear that this business care for the well being of its clients in so many ways."

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