Riverview Man in Need of Chiropractors in Brandon FL For His Work Injury

Work Injury Treatment

Brandon Entrepreneur in Need of Work Injury Chiropractors in Riverview FL

Work Injury Statistics - You Are Not Alone

Work related injuries account for approximately 5200 fatalities and 2.8 injury cases per 100 full time employees annually according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Most injuries occur to the back (38%), shoulder (14.9%), legs (11.5%), arms (5.1%), abdomen (5.0%), multiple parts (95.4%), all others (19.7%). Musculoskeletal injuries by far are the most common work-related injuries and injuries to the back from overexertion while lifting is most prominent. Of these the most injured occupation were truck drivers, then nurses, construction workers, janitors, cleaning persons, cooks and sales personnel.  The median days of work lost following the injury was 9 days. Some occupations required more, construction 12 days, and some less like retail sales 7 days. The most important aspect to work related injury is getting back to work without the risk of recurrence. Returning to work before the injury is healed could lead to further injury and more lost time from work.

How To Treat Work Injuries

Chiropractic physicians have been treating work related injuries for a long time and have a good track record of getting the employee back to work in less time than allopathic medicine. Chiropractors correct biomechanical problems associated with the spine and extremities and can help the employee restore their health without drugs and surgery. Our doctors at Absolute Wellness Centers are trained in the assessment and correction of work related injuries. Most of these injuries have a biomechanical component relating to the area of pain. Chiropractic care focuses both on correcting the biomechanical issues that led to the pain and getting you out of pain. Proper assessment and treatment of the injury should avoid recurrence of injury.

Brandon Businesswoman Needs a Chiropractor in Riverview FL for Work Injury Treatment
Riverview Man Might Need a Chiropractor in Brandon FL for Work Injury Treatment

What is Necessary for Treatment

These injuries often involve the soft tissues around a joint or region of the body. If the tissues are not treated properly and the pain is covered over by medication alone the biomechanical challenges will remain. Correction of the biomechanics is necessary for full repair and rehabilitation of the area. We have had many patients come to us after having been treated with medication and remain in pain, because of these biomechanical changes. Proper assessment and correction of the biomechanical issues usually leads to feeling and getting better in a shorter period. Our trained therapists will perform manual therapy and stretching techniques of the involved tissues that allows for the healing and restoration of proper biomechanics to the area of involvement.

Getting Back to Life After Treatment

Our doctors have multiple years of experience helping patients with their work-related injuries. Many of the injuries seen in our offices include neck and shoulder injuries, lower back pain, wrist injuries, hip and pelvis injuries, muscle strains of the lower extremity, knee injuries and more. Our team of physicians will evaluate your injury and recommend a treatment protocol that suits your needs. Your compliance with the treatment will help ensure a better outcome. Following the treatment protocol set out by our doctors and achieving your treatment goals of increased ranges of motion, decreased pain and stiffness, and increased flexibility, life after treatment looks and feels better. Most patients have good outcomes and can resume living healthy active lifestyles. The key to success is to follow the treatment regimen and home exercise program.

Riverview Man May Need a Work Injury Chiropractor in Brandon FL

Patient Feedback:

Jimmy Bennett

"Dr kruse is amazing I would say he is more than a Chiropractor I would say he is a friend him and his staff was always extremely nice to me. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to continue my career bull riding. Through all the injuries I had in my career. But he helped me keep living my dream instead of some doctors who tried to take that away from me . Always looked out for me . I can't thank my sister enough for introducing me to him . Though I have not been to his office in some time I will be making another trip to see him. And his friendly staff. I wish every doctors office i go to was like his."

Simple Work Injury Treatment Steps

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2. Get Adjusted

Based on your circumstances, a specific treatment plan will be implemented to correct your spine.

3. Enjoy Life Again

With your spine correctly aligned, you'll be able to start enjoying life again to the fullest extent possible.