Eliminating Headaches

Eliminating the Triggers for Headaches

Chiropractic Care:

Only chiropractic care can help to eliminate the cause of most chronic headaches by releasing the interference in the upper cervical spine that cause tension, vascular and migraine headaches. Even if you’ve already tried manipulation by another chiropractor or osteopathic physician, specific analysis and adjustments of the upper cervical spine as done by our clinic are the key to unlocking the door to a pain free life.

Normalize Blood Sugar

Many headaches come from low blood sugar or more precisely by blood sugar swings. Consequently, many times you can eliminate headaches by balancing your blood sugar. Vitamin supplements should include high doses of the C &B vitamins in order to utilize the energy that is in our food; chromium and vanadium help to normalize blood sugar and increase transport into the cells; DHEA’s also help to normalize blood sugar.

Normalize Stress Response

Since many headaches are triggered by stress, normalizing the stress levels in one’s life can be revolutionary in solving your problem with headaches. Stress is a part of life and being able to respond to stress is part of being healthy. Your bodies stress system is turned on by what we perceive as life threatening. The problem is that when a deadline or a bill that come due on a weekly basis are interpreted as life threatening, there becomes a never ending cycle of stress that will inevitably lead to the decline of our health. The good thing is that by changing our perception, reminding ourselves that the situation is not life threatening and by utilizing several relaxation techniques this problem can be brought under control.

Boosting the Stress System

Another way of helping with the stress headache is to increase the bodies ability to cope. DHEA supplementation can be very helpful with chronic fatigue syndrome. However, for most people supplements and diet changes can solve this problem. A good basic multivitamin that is rich in antioxidants and a balanced B complex vitamin are essential. Having a good source of protein can also help to build back the adrenal gland and normalize blood sugar.

Identify Trigger Foods

Different foods can trigger headaches for different people. Some of the highest probabilities are milk products, sugar, wine, caffeine, wheat, corn, artificial sweeteners, food additives or preservatives, cigarettes, chocolate, salt, citrus fruits, strawberries, drugs and even food supplements. Eliminating these foods and eating a diet of mostly fresh vegetables, lettuce and rice can help the body to cleanse itself. Once you are on a hypoallergenic diet you can challenge and re-challenge the foods you have eliminating for a poor response. Household conditions and products should also be tested for reactions. Products such as toothpaste, perfumes, deodorants, mouthwash, detergents, cleaning products and shampoo. Your house should also be tested for molds and dusts. In addition, sensitivity testing may be necessary to confirm or identify other possible triggers for your headaches. Consult your chiropractor for a diet analysis and food testing session.

Body Detoxification:

If you do have sensitivities to food or other conditions, this is a sign that your body is toxic. A toxic body is one that is full of toxins past the point that it can no longer respond normally. Participating in a herbal cleansing program can help speed up the elimination process by mobilizing toxins that are in the deep tissues and stimulating cleansing of the blood, liver & colon. Drinking around 1 gallon per day of distilled water can also act as a cleansing agent.